An ontology of digital phantasms

Ontology of Github Projects

This only covers projects on my Github


The lingua franca of Unix systems programming.

  • libdaemon is a lightweight daemonisation library.


  • simple-email is a Clojure library I wrote to simplify sending email from within Clojure programs.

Common Lisp

Common Lisp has become my favourite language; I rather enjoy the organic development process.


  • flexargs is an Objective-C library for flexible argument parsing in CLI programs.


  • build_release is a Perl script for building custom OpenBSD releases.


Python is my workhorse language, and probably the language with which I am most familiar.

  • pycapfile: while at Black Hat 2012, I attended on a workshop called “Ruby for Pentesters”. I wanted some of the same tools in Python. This project is a library for pro grammatically interacting with libpcap savefiles.

  • woofs, or “Web One-time Offer File Securely”, is a script to serve a single file via SSL from a laptop.

  • pymods is my collection of Python utility libraries for things I find myself using over and over.

  • python_basicnlp is one of the first Python utilities I wrote. It provides very basic NLP capabilities.

  • ctrans is a program for translating comments in source code. It uses the old Google Translate API, and therefore no longer works, but at the time it served a fairly specific task and did it well. It was documented in my blog post, ”Introducing ctrans”.

  • timecard is a simple command line utility to help me keep track of time spent on projects.

  • py-rouletted is a semi-serious systems administration utility developed after several comments in an IRC channel I frequent. It randomly searches through a list of logged on users (optionally comparing to a group of users to exclude), and randomly kills that user’s processes.


Shell scripting is the foundation for automating work on Unix systems, and as such it is essential to learn well.

  • rawk (Rage Against Web Frameworks) is a pure-shell script tool for generating static sites.