Xcode CI!

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Continuous integration for your Xcode project. Run guard in your Xcode directory, one of two things will happen: all your dreams will come true OR any time a source file is changed, guard will kick off a build. Guaranteed or your money back.


You need bundler. If you've never used Bundler before, you'll need to install the bundler gem:

gem install Bundler 

(You may need to run this as sudo.)

Getting started

Create a Gemfile in your project root:

source :rubygems

gem "guard-xcode"
gem "guard"
gem "growl"
gem "rb-readline"   # improved interface for MRI

Run bundle install and run guard xcode in your project root. You may wish to review the generate Guardfile. At the minimum, you should change the target to reflect the target you want to build on change (or use :all => true).

If you want growl support, you'll need to install GrowlNotify. See also the Growl notes in this document.


The Xcode Guard supports the following options:

  • :target - string defining the target to build (i.e. MyClassTests or MyClass)
  • :configuration - string defining the build configuration to use
  • :scheme - string defining the build scheme to use
  • :arch - string defining the arch to build for
  • :all - boolean indicated whether to build all targets. If true, overrides :target.
  • :quiet - only notify on errors / warnings

Growl Notes

There are two options for Growl support:

  • the growl gem
  • the 'growl_notify' gem


This is a safe default, but requires you to download GrowlNotify. This is enabled by default. If you are using the stock version of Ruby shipped with OS X, this is what you'll want to use. (Also, if you're using JRuby, you'll need to use this.)


If you're using a version of Growl from the App Store, i.e. a version >= 1.3, and you're not using JRuby or MacRuby (the default shipped with OS X), you can use this. Instead of gem "growl" in your Gemfile, you'll want to use gem "growl_notify". Then, in your Guardfile, you'll need to change the notification :growl line to notification :growl_notify.